Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is the role of wedding planner? Why do you need one?
By Guest Blogger Malissa Murphy, CMT Event Planning
Above are photos from recent weddings
Photography by Keith Cephus and Sam Hughes

The primary role of wedding planner is to help guide you in planning out your wedding by relieving stress and saving you time, keeping you on a timely schedule, and most importantly planning and sticking to your budget from the day of our first meeting to the wedding day. I am available every step of the way to help answer questions, be a contact for vendors, and take away your worries while saving you money. No matter how large or small your wedding and budget I am here to make sure you stay within it. My priority is not only in making your wedding day stress free, but to make the entire process enjoyable while making your vision come true.

Many people see a wedding planner as being unnecessary or “way out of the budget.” However as a wedding planner I am here as a resource with established vendor relationships and knowledge of the details needed to make sure every aspect of your day runs smoothly. Throughout the process I will become your on call wedding dictionary and reference book.

In a recent meeting with one of my brides who is getting married in August at the Half Moone, she and her mother, shared their excitement about having me to help with the planning. A few of the many reasons for the excitement and gratitude were for the number of resources I have that cut out countless hours of research on her behalf, the feeling of freedom that comes along with not getting bogged down by details, and being able to look forward to the wedding day without any stress of who will be in charge of setup, breakdown, vendors, guests, and the list goes on. The most significant aspect was being able to guide her to vendors that are within her budget so that she no longer had the overwhelming task of research that so often turned up as a dead end or didn’t fit in her budget.

No matter how far along you are in planning your wedding, it is never too late to hire CMT Event Planning because we are here to customize our packages to your wedding needs.

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