Monday, August 16, 2010

Fit for the Wedding...Fit for Life!

OK, as a woman I can say this. We are just too hard on ourselves; particularly when it comes to our body image and weight. These issues we grapple with are amplified and even more scrutinized when the ring is slipped on the finger and the wedding planning kicks-off. I witness women on a daily basis picking themselves apart behind the dressing room curtain, and inevitably almost every bride I've ever worked with pronounces the statement "I PLAN ON LOSING 15 POUNDS BEFORE THE WEDDING". It doesn't matter age, height, weight, shape, hair color, skin color - that one sentence reverberates off our dressing room walls into thin air all day long.
The challenge is most of us don't know how to get in the best shape for the big day in a manner that is healthy, realistic, and sustainable after the last wedding dance. In addition, the stress of planning a wedding can throw a curve ball into your regimen and how your body responds to stress. If you are bride whose experiencing this right now, we have the solution!
WeddingFit - Presented by Lacey Lee Fitness
Sunday, August 22nd, 4-5pm @ Maya Couture
$15 per person (cash or check only)
Come learn how YOU can look your best for your big day. Planning a wedding is stressful enough so let Lacey educate and show you how to implement realistic, long term lifestyle changes. She will tell you the truth, dispel myths, and provide you with the essential tools you will need to not only look your best for your wedding day but for a lifetime.

Bring you fiance, wedding party and/or friends. More the merrier!! Receive 1FREE personal training session with Lacey. Value $50.00!

Questions or to register email Lacey at Lacey is a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant. She has over 10 years experience, with a focus on bootcamp style fitness classes and a training approach that is a fusion of cardiovascular and strength training exercises. No two workouts will ever be the same, with maximum results. Lacey Lee Fitness offers: at-home personal training, group training and nutritional counseling. All services are 100% customized to YOU, your current fitness levels and your personal fitness goals.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Maya Couture Brides - One Talented Photographer

When brides ask my opinion on what wedding details are the most important, a great photographer is always at the top of my list. Just think, you spend an average of 16 months planning the biggest day of your life. Don't you want all the fruits of your labor, and the day you've dreamed of all your life, captured in the best, most personal and creative way possible? Don't you want a photographer who can bring to life the emotion of the moment, and with their keen eye use lighting and personal aesthetic to present a finished product that's a reflection of your taste and transports you back into that moment? Many of our brides have found just that in photographer Justin Hankins.
I had the pleasure to peruse many of Justin's wedding photos and found that we shared lots of brides. So I asked him, "What draws so many brides to Justin Hankins Photography?" His response was truly original and reflects the passion he has for what he does and for the couples he works with:
“I shoot a hybrid style of fashion and photojournalism, which translates into beautiful, magazine-quality images that look natural and unrehearsed. After all, a couple's wedding day is perfect already, and documenting these authentic moments is absolutely critical to me. In order to create such timeless memories, I've built my business around providing each couple with the best customer experience they've ever received. The relationships I grow through my sensitivity to each couple's needs plays a vital role in helping me create photographs that honor the significance of their special day. It's a distinct privilege to be part of such an important moment in the history of a family, and I want each couple to walk away knowing their wedding meant the world to me.”
Thank you Justin for translating the true beauty of our brides in your photographs! I look forward to many more Maya Couture/Justin Hankins brides! Visit to see more amazing wedding photos.