Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Weddings are beautiful and momentous. Gowns are breathtaking. The energy and emotion that goes into planning one of life's biggest affairs is infectious! Every wedding is different with so many unique and personal touches. The level of attention we give and pressure those of us who gleefully choose to be in the wedding industry feel, eclipse's all of these things. This is a career in which to be successful you need to be 100% selfless and 110% passionate about each and every client! The reward is knowing you've had a hand in making dreams come true. This is what sustains us!

We are so focused on our clients and their needs we often go unrecognized (and that's OK, because this is our job). But while we toil away it is nice to be reminded and recognized for the hard work we do, the businesses we manage and grow, and for the unparalleled services and products we offer. This has been a year of recognition for Maya Couture. We are 5 years young and have steadily grown each year. We've done this by committing ourselves to our clients through their entire planning process, by making sound business decisions, and by offering a convenient, exceptional, and inviting place of business that is not like any other bridal retailer in the market. These awards confirm that we are moving in the right direction and it's just the beginning of more exciting things to come for you, our clients and friends of Maya Couture! We thank you for all of your support!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Face - Beauty Conversation with Kim Wadsworth

One of our goals when we are helping our brides find their dream gown is to create an experience for her that enables her to visualize and embrace what her overall wedding day look will be. Our mission is to do more than just sell a gown it is to ensure each bride lives out her total wedding day dream look! The beauty elements that create the brides wedding day look and feel are many. The one that I think is just as important as the gown is the brides makeup. Other than her gown the focal point of all brides will be her face. Her groom and guests will be taken by her beauty and her emotion.

I sat down with friend and professional makeup artist Kim Wadsworth, of Wadsworth Style and BridesMade (http://www.kimwadsworth.com/) to discuss the importance of wedding day makeup and the benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist. Here is her expert advice for you:
Q: What are the benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist versus a bride doing her own makeup?

A: Today’s wedding is a well-documented event. Between photography and videography, brides are immortalized on film. The importance of wearing correctly matched foundation pigments paired with eye and lip colors that not only complement the bride, but portray her in an iconic and timeless way require the eye of a beauty expert. A professional understands the timing of the day and knows exactly how long it will take to achieve a bridal look. When brides take beauty into their own hands on a day as important as this, they run the risk of not accomplishing what they hoped to achieve due to the distractions and demands of a wedding.

Q: When should a bride start to consider what her “Wedding Day Look” will be and what is the process for hiring a professional makeup artist?

A: As soon as a bride chooses her gown and veil; commits to the colors and flowers of her wedding; and chooses the time of day and venue, then defining the look of her day will unfold. So many variables influence how a bride will wear her hair and makeup. For example, a beach wedding requires a completely different look then a black tie affair at a museum. Beauty experts will help interpret what will work for the time and place of a wedding event. That is why it is important to get recommended pros lined up early. Recommendations from friends, who are already married; from wedding planners or others in the bridal business tend to be reliable sources. Remember: the bridal months of May and June and then September and October book up quickly.

Q: Does the time of day a bride is getting married and the type of wedding she is having factor into her wedding day makeup?
A: Absolutely! Morning brides want a fresh, dewy, wide-awake look that is naturally interpreted with soft tones and subtle sparkle. They seek a sheer look that photographs beautifully while conveying a barely-there makeup presence. The afternoon bride takes it one step further, while still embracing a fresh luminance. She might opt for a slightly smoky eye that will take her into the evening. Often, she wants eyelash clusters called flairs that give just a little pop to her look. Her liner is usually more prominent and her lip color might be a striking hue. Her hair may go partially up or, if it is a hot day, into an updo. The evening bride wants to bring on the glam! She likes false lashes, smoky smoldering eyes, sparkly cheek color and strong brows. Naturally, so much of how a look is interpreted will depend on where she is getting married and what type of wedding she is having. There are no hard and fast rules and ultimately, a professional should be sensitive to the comfort level of the bride and those in her party having their makeup done. Smoky eyes and lashes aren’t for everyone!

Q: What are some of the trends in wedding day makeup?

A: At BridesMade, we are careful not to do any look that conveys a “trendy” look. Brides forget that their look will be immortalized so it is essential that they love it, not just on the day of the wedding, but 30 years from now. As a beauty guide for over 20 years, I can actually look into the crystal ball of their day and envision how the entire look will come together. There is only a small window of time to get to know a bride; to visualize her gown; her hair; and the theme of the day. Channeling that information into a beautifully made up face requires numerous questions and an innate sense of wedding style.

Q: What are some of the techniques you use to ensure a brides’ makeup will last all day long and into the night?

A: It definitely helps when a bride arrives on her big day looking and feeling rested. Without a doubt, brides who exercise, watch their diet and don’t overindulge in alcohol and partying the nights before the wedding always have a “canvas” that is easier to “paint!” Our makeup mainstays are primers and everything waterproof. We live in a humid part of the country so using waterproof concealers and liners with primers for face and lid as backups really ensures that the makeup will make it through an emotionally packed day of joy, tears, kisses, eating and toasting!

To contact Kim for your wedding day beauty visit http://www.kimwadsworth.com/ or e-mail kim@kimwadsworth.com
The photos above are examples of the caliber of wedding day beauty Kim can create for you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kate Tynes April 10 - Soft and Romantic

Renowned photographer Keith Cephus was gracious to send us photos of one our shared brides, Kate Tynes. Kate chose one of my favorite gowns in our collection. There are so many things I love about her gown. The first is that it's not strapless. I love the English net fabric that oozes of soft elegance. The elongated bodice of criss-crossed ruching and bubble hemline capture the modern trends of today, yet the silhouette offers classic elements like the bateau neckline, v-back and buttons along the zipper. This gown exudes couture, without the heavy price tag. It offers so many details without being overdone. This gown was made for Kate. I think you'll agree with me that she wore this gown magnificently and she will look back at these stunning photos for years to come and remember how beautiful she felt and looked on her wedding day! We will be seeing Kate again soon as she is a bridesmaid in another Maya Couture wedding. Kate, we can't wait to see you again soon and hear all about your wedding!!

The designer of Kate's gown is Impression Bridal. The style is 3021. Call our salon at 757-461-1690 for more details. To see more of Kate's photos as well as Keith's other amazing brides visit http://www.keithcephus.com/