Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Weddings are beautiful and momentous. Gowns are breathtaking. The energy and emotion that goes into planning one of life's biggest affairs is infectious! Every wedding is different with so many unique and personal touches. The level of attention we give and pressure those of us who gleefully choose to be in the wedding industry feel, eclipse's all of these things. This is a career in which to be successful you need to be 100% selfless and 110% passionate about each and every client! The reward is knowing you've had a hand in making dreams come true. This is what sustains us!

We are so focused on our clients and their needs we often go unrecognized (and that's OK, because this is our job). But while we toil away it is nice to be reminded and recognized for the hard work we do, the businesses we manage and grow, and for the unparalleled services and products we offer. This has been a year of recognition for Maya Couture. We are 5 years young and have steadily grown each year. We've done this by committing ourselves to our clients through their entire planning process, by making sound business decisions, and by offering a convenient, exceptional, and inviting place of business that is not like any other bridal retailer in the market. These awards confirm that we are moving in the right direction and it's just the beginning of more exciting things to come for you, our clients and friends of Maya Couture! We thank you for all of your support!

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  1. Well said. Maya you are one of the most successful business women ever. You do an amazing job.