Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Tips for Stress Free Shopping to find the Perfect Gown!!

The path to finding your dream wedding gown is so exciting! However, this very important purchase can be a bit daunting. Since we were young girls the dreams of gown shopping, standing on the pedestal and twirling in a wedding gown began, and lasts until that real experience presents itself. So the anticipation and "hype" of this moment is bigger than most can imagine. To ensure that it's all you've dreamed of I have 5 tips sure to help any bride about to embark on this milestone!

1. It's something you've dreamed for a lifetime, so begin shopping early. It generally takes 6-8 months for a designer bridal gown to deliver once it's been purchased, and then you can expect 2+ alteration appointments spanning 6-8 weeks. If time is not on your side we can certainly accommodate you with our endless stock piece options or by ordering your gown on a rush. However, you can never buy your gown too early. Doing so will serve you well, save you money and minimize your stress!! So many of the other decisions you make with regards to your wedding will depend on the gown you choose. So once you can make this decision, the rest of the pieces will fall into place!

2. Keep an open mind! Most of our brides end up purchasing a gown they would have never picked for themselves (this is what makes our assistance so worth it!). The mystique of the wedding gown is that it's like no other garment you will ever wear again! Finding "the one" evokes a feeling and emotion you will never get from a pair of jeans! And, don't dismiss the veil! The impact this sheer, feminine, and sacred "ritual accessory" offers, is what makes a bride, A BRIDE! So many of our brides will adorn a cathedral length veil, when their first intention was not to wear one at all! You will pleasantly surprise yourself if you keep your options open!

3. Make an appointment. To ensure you have the expertise and guidance of one of our highly knowledgeable consultants then you should make an appointment. I think many brides are surprised at how overwhelmed they feel when they start perusing the racks with hundreds of gowns calling to them. Having a consultant to help you weed through the options, dress and accessorize you, and answer all your questions makes the process that much more fun for you! Your consultant should be your expert, confidant and touchstone throughout your planning process.

4. Be very selective choosing your "entourage". Only bring the person or few persons that have your best interest at heart and can provide you sound advice and feedback based on YOUR taste, style, and budget. You need to be surrounded by those people whose opinions you value most and who will help you make the best decision for YOU! Too many conflicting opinions will only confuse and discourage you - and it makes our job, and the relationship we want to start with you that much harder.

5. Embrace value over price, and understand the difference. A few dollars savings may not be worth it - and most times it's not. In bridal you truly get what you pay for. I can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard, and how many times we've come to the rescue of brides who have "cut corners" just to save a few pennies! Our philosophy is the real service begins after you've purchased the gown. We are committed to our brides from the moment they walk into our store until the moment they walk down the aisle. Understand that planning is a process and hiccups arrive, sometimes on our end, sometimes by a member of the bridal party, sometimes by the designer, but we do whatever we have to do to make sure our brides and grooms and their attendants are happy and well taken care of, and that they do get the wedding they've always dreamed of!! Therein lies the value!

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