Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photographer of the Month: Rebecca Keeling

Meet Rebecca Keeling of Rebecca Keeling Studios.  She specializes in weddings, couples, and babies- really, she can do it all!  

Question 1: Send your favorite picture of yourself.  Folks need to be able to stop you in public and tell you how awesome you are.

Question 2: How would you describe your ideal wedding?  The perfect client for you?
I don't think I can honestly describe an "ideal" wedding because they are all so incredibly different and amazing in their own individual way.  My experience as a photographer is totally dependent upon my relationship with my client, not so much by the wedding itself.  Clients who trust me implicitly and who connect with my style and photography vision, who open their hearts fully to the experience, who pull out their cute rain boots and kiss their new hubby under an umbrella when its raining on their big day, who are able to move beyond the stresses and distractions of their wedding day and really soak in the joy and love and happiness...these are my perfect clients.  Whether it's a wedding at a big fancy hotel, a field in the middle of nowhere, a tiny community church, or a Ruritan Hall (yep, we've been there, too)...if there's true love and deep depths of joy, I will find the beauty there.

Question 3: How would you describe your photography style?
Personal photography style is really a journey without a particular end for me.  It is ever changing and moving and growing.  It's kind of like your wardrobe...some days it's bright and sunny...some days it's a bit dark and moody...sneakers...high heels.  I use a lot of natural light in my portrait work, so the feel of a particular session is often totally dependent on the weather.  But I guess I would have to say two of the elements of my style that are always constant are light and emotion.  Using light is something that took me a very long time to figure out...and something I still work on every time I pick up my camera.  I've often had people tell me how much they love an image and when I ask why it's almost always something to do with the light...and the honest, real emotion I am able to capture, which goes back to having a personal connection with my clients.  

Question 4: What's something that every bride should know about you?
That I LIVE for telling stories with my camera...especially a great love story.  I am a ridiculous romantic and I cry at pretty much every wedding I photograph.  Especially if you write your own vows.  Forget about it.  I LOVE being a part of your big day and all of the planning that goes into making it crazy amazing.  I have lots of suggestions that I'll share with you about details that you might not think are important...but make a huge difference in your images...most specifically about lighting throughout the day in different locations you have chosen.  But mostly just know that I'm going to do everything in my power to create the MOST incredible images of your day!

Question 5: What's your favorite venue/season/etc that you've shot at so far?
Oh, there's no way to pick just one favorite venue!  We've been so fortunate to shoot in so many beautiful spots...gardens, beaches, wineries, backyards...there is beauty everywhere!  And while indoor wedding venues can be lovely, I am an outdoor girl at heart.  Favorite season is a bit easier...I do love the fall SO very much.  A bit cooler weather, ridiculously beautiful colors outside, and the sun just seems to be more beautifully, buttery golden yellow.  There is nothing more gorgeous than an image of a bride and groom with a little bit of sun flare in the warm autumn afternoon sunshine.  Whew...makes me smile just thinking about it!

Question 6: What was your favorite aspect of your own wedding? 
It's funny that you should ask that since I am in the middle of planning our wedding as we speak!  We are eloping to the beautiful snowy mountains of Wintergreen in March, so I'm not having quite the same challenges as a bride who is having a "traditional" day.  I have a 9 year old son who we are incorporating into our ceremony with personalized vows.  Gregg and I both felt like the day was really just about the three of us becoming a family and so we decided it would be so perfect if we were just us!  Of course, we are taking along one of our dearest friends, who is a photographer, to help us capture the day.  We obviously couldn't leave that part out!  I have this amazing vision of us in the snow, surrounded by green cedar trees.  With any luck we will have some beautiful snowflakes falling all around us as we pledge our love to each other.  See...ridiculous romantic at heart.

Question 7: What's the biggest piece of advice you could give a bride and groom choosing their photographer?
Wow...this is a big one.  I think it would be research, research, research...and then research some more.  All vendors, not just your photographer.  The best referrals will come from your friends who have already gone through the process, but don't just hire someone because your bestie loved them.  Especially for photographers, it is JUST as important to connect with their work as well as their personality, rather than making your decision based on whether you can afford them.  Sometimes it might just be worth taking a little bit from the cake budget, and a little bit from the alcohol budget, and a little bit from the flower budget and put a bit more into your photographer.  After all, the images from your day are the only tangible item you will have years from now to remember those moments and to share with your children and grandchildren.  That doesn't mean you have to spend beyond your means...as a bride planning my own wedding, I totally understand having a budget.  I'm just saying that if photography is really important to you, put your dollars where they will last the longest...in your first family heirlooms.

  Just like always... here's some of her amazing work that she's done with Maya Couture brides!

Want to know more?  Check her out at http://www.rebeccakeelingstudios.com/!

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