Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is what love looks like: Tammy & Fatima

We want to congratulate Tammy & Fatima on two years of wedded bliss today!  We had the pleasure of giving Fatima her gown as part of the Brides Across America program, and they got all of their tuxes at Maya Couture as well.

From Fatima:

I am so thankful for all the help you guys were able to assist to my wife and I! We felt nothing but acceptance and warmth from the staff from the very first moment we stepped in the shop. My wife Tammy, is now retired after serving 20 years in the United States Army and had just recently returned home from her second tour in Iraq shortly before the Brides Across America Event. We have attached some pictures from our wedding day and my fabulous dress, simply to share with you and your staff if nothing else. The dress, shoes, and tuxedos were all purchased/rented from your shop. The wedding was located at Hotel Sofitel in Washington DC, on March 26, 2011 and photographed by StoryMotion Studios.

Here's wishing you both many more years of continued happiness!


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